Did I Just Spot CSS In a Tron:Uprising Episode?

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I’m pretty sure I just saw a mysterious fragment of CSS show up on a cyber-train door in the computer-generated cartoon Tron:Uprising. I’m not sure why it’s there.

First, a few confessions:

  • I watch Tron:Uprising on the Disney XD channel. I knew it was on Disney XD because I saw the commercial for it during an episode of Doc McStuffin’.
  • I DVR the show so I can watch it alone, because nobody else in the family is interested in what goes on in The Grid. Ever.
  • I pay fairly close attention to how code is depicted in films and TV shows.

All of this culminated three days ago when I was watching a DVR’ed episode, “Welcome Home”. The characters are in a train, and as the car doors slide open and closed, I noticed a flash of what looked like CSS below the number painted on the door.

Rewinding and freezing the frame proved me correct. On the door is what appears to be at least a fragment of CSS style rules. Here’s the closeup:


My theories on how it got there:

It’s an easter egg, put there by the show’s artists, who are maybe also web nerds. This was my first guess, but looking at the CSS, there’s nothing terribly clever about it. It doesn’t cry out “I’m from the TRON homepage!” or look like something from Flynn’s Arcade website.

It’s an artifact of how the text was put on the door in the show’s graphical tools. I have no clue if this is legit, but maybe the tools that put text on 3D computer-modeled stuff uses CSS to style that text, and the artist didn’t close a style tag? I have a hard time believing that’s the case. I mean, I doubt Pixar has to worry about web-fonts.

Someone copy/pasted the door text from something that had style rules. In a classic case where the clipboard carries over style information, someone was careless and yanked the door number from some other source, pasted it, and didn’t get around to deleting the style text

Needless to say, I have no confidence in any of these explanations, and web searches are turning up nothing for me, so please have a look and help me out.

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