Dear Facebook, That Was Smart

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I’m pretty sure Facebook’s f8 conference this year was scheduled AFTER they had all their ducks in a row for the new Timeline and OpenGraph features. That’s pretty dang smart if you’re dedicated to quality products.

This year’s F8 conference wasn’t announced until about 30 days before it happened. That’s a little weird for a major tech event. Often they’re set up a year or more in advance.

I was puzzled until I started thinking about the pressure that must have been on the Facebook development teams to finish the features in time to have them ready for zillions of people to use the instant Mark finished his keynote. Then I realized what probably happened.

What makes the most sense to me is that Facebook finished Timeline and OpenGraph, and THEN scheduled f8.

Genius! No rushing at the end to cram in half-finished features. No shortening of the test cycle. It’s so much healthier to keep refining a product, and have someone watching to determine when it’s “done enough”, and THEN go scheduling announcements, rollouts, and other dramatic things.

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