OF COURSE! Put Your Call To Action in the Terminal Area

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I am by no means a user interface expert, but I like to have some clue as to what works and what doesn’t, and so I find the occasional nugget of practical design interesting.

Here’s a post that explains how your site’s call to action should go where it does the most good, in the terminal area (it’s science, yo):

A but­ton in the ter­mi­nal area is a com­pelling call to action because it’s placed at the end of the user’s view­ing pat­tern. When it’s at the end of their view­ing pat­tern, users don’t have to look around to find your call to action but­ton. Putting your call to action but­ton in any other area could get you clicks, but not as effec­tively as putting it in the ter­mi­nal area.

Why Users Click Right Call to Actions More Than Left Ones [UX Movement]

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