Where's The OFF Switch on This Thing?

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As I enter the golden years/era of my software-rigging career, I find that I REALLY value having a convenient off-switch for new features.

If you’re working in a shop of moderate to large size, chances are you can’t get code changed in the production environment in under 30 minutes and without considerable stress. This is when it pays to have a toggle switch to enable and disable your feature/site/nuclear-release-countdown.

It’s one of those things that’s easy to build but often ignored. When you have the off-switch, you take some of the stress out of production moves.

If things start going south, you just flip the switch and reassess. You don’t need to back out an entire release, or run around screaming for an hour and a half, trying to convince people that your changes need to be backed out or hacking a hasty patch.

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