Two Developer Perspectives on the AWS Failure

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Yes, Amazon’s recent issues were a bit of a spectacle, but a couple of posts I read went beyond the typical Nelson-esque “Heaaaah Haaaa” and looked at things from the perspective of those who design and run the client systems.

Y’all Got What You Deserve

Ted Dziuba’s post indicates that you relying upon the cloud is destined to fail.

Pain is nature’s way of telling you that you have just fucked up. It’s a hint to your future self that maybe you should never do that again. Yet, you dumbasses continue to host things full-bore in Amazon.

Amazon — The Purpose of Pain [Ted Dziuba]

We’re Living Proof

Jeff Attwood illustrates Netflix’s counterexample, VERY interesting because Netflix has a program (on purpose!) that runs around destroying things to make sure it’s all fault-tolerant. Pretty gutsy…

Which, let’s face it, seems like insane advice at first glance. I’m not sure many companies even understand why this would be a good idea, much less have the guts to attempt it. Raise your hand if where you work, someone deployed a daemon or service that randomly kills servers and processes in your server farm.

Working With the Chaos Monkey [Coding Horror]

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