Military Agility

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Here’s a paper on agility[pdf] put out by the Department of Defense Command and Control Research Program.

It’s short and puts forth some generic but excellent points on why agility is going to be a big deal.

In a Nutshell

  • We face “Complex Endeavors”: problems/projects/missions that are complicated and require lots of people/systems/tools to finish.
  • Accurate prediction when working with a Complex Endeavor is impossible.
  • Agility succeeds where prediction fails. So be agile.

My Favorite Parts

We are incapable of adequately predicting the future; yet, we still design and optimize our organizations and systems based on flawed predictions.

People provide the most effective means to compensate for shortcomings in organization, process, and systems; yet, we are not investing in nurturing and enhancing this innate capability.

The Agility Imperative: Précis (pdf) by David S. Alberts - [The Command and Control Research Program]

via - Agility, the Age of Interactions, and the Military [Agile Advice]

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