Don't Forget the Meeting AFTER the Standup Meeting

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I love standup meetings. Not because they’re fun little quick interactions with all the people I love, but because they’re a springboard for the discussions where real progress is made.

Too often people make the morning standup into a communal high-five. Everyone performs the ritual, then silently scatter back to their respective cubes. This is sad. I think one of the secret benefits of the standup is the opportunity for the micro-meetngs that can be spawned.

I grab at least one product manager or developer after the huddle and drag them to my cube to physically show them what I’ve got.

Sometimes it’s a whole lotta nothing. They look at the screen, kind of shrug, and go away. Often, though, we end up having a tremendously productive session about what direction a feature should take, or what the technical approach should be on a certain point.

Remember, even if your product manager is never available, you’ve got them in person for that team standup. Take advantage of that face time and solicit some real feedback.

Bottom line, if you’re not talking to people from the standup after the standup, you’re doing it wrong.

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