USE ME! My Flip Video Camera

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This week my awesome wife bought me a Flip Ultra HD video camera (in black). It’s fairly well-known that this little camera was built on very pragmatic principles, achieving its success due to a palatable price and simple feature set.

No Dumb CD

This pragmatism really hit me when I found that the installer for the bundled video editing and management sofware FlipShare was stored in the camera itself. No CD needed. Kind of a no-brainer when you think about it.

It Waits to Find Updates Until You’re Done!

The other subtle but clever about the software is that FlipShare looks for updates when you close the program, not when you first open it. This is total genius.

People start programs to do something with them, not to see if there are any updates. Getting a “Hey there’s a new version!” alert box shoved in your face creates a minor but tangible block to your work.

Waiting until the user is done lets them immediately do what they need to, then give a little “if it’s not too much trouble…” when turning it off. Very nice.

I’m wondering if this is the future of rich clients: Get emergency updates upon startup, everything else on shutdown.

The flip has tons of other ways it quietly screams “You can use me right away!”, and they all combine into a cutely pleasant experience.

Now to make enterprise applications so much fun…

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