Scrum's Devil's Advocate: Uncle Bob

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Uncle Bob posted a message in which he points out some of Scrum’s shortcomings. It’s a well-put and thoughtful critique of the places where Scrum falls down or is silent.

Scrum carries an anti-management undercurrent that is counter-productive. Scrum over-emphasizes the role of the team as self-managing. Self-organizing and self-managing teams are a good thing. But there is a limit to how much a team can self-X. Teams still need to be managed by someone who is responsible to the business. Scrum does not describe this with enough balance.

Reading this list, you’ll probably realize two things.

  1. Your team isn’t really doing Scrum
  2. Your team has figured out practical ways to work around these shortcomings or skip them entirely.

In the end, this is a critique of strict Scrum, and really not of Agile itself. It kind of reinforces how nebulous the space still is.

Scrum / Agile’s inherit shortcomings? Uncle Bob Martin’s 7 theses via @markneedham

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