Python Flame-bait or Food For Thought?

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Stumbled across this open letter to Python, written by Luke Magill. In it he goes through some of the ways Python has let him down, including

  • No Encapsulation
  • Static Libraries
  • Lack of an implied “this”
  • No explicit support for member definition
  • On-lined Lambdas

A few parts resonated with me, especially the when he talks about how Python does objects.

But you weren’t ecstatic about objects. You didn’t really like them and you didn’t trust them. So you decided to only give them a little. You cut corners. You made objects but you made them hard to use. That was a mistake.

As a former Java programmer myself, I’ll admit I’ve felt some of this pain. Not enough that it stops me from getting things done, but there have been times I’ve scratched my head over how different Pyhton objects really are from their counterparts in other languages.

Anyway, the comments make for good reading, rife with handy links. If nothing else the whole thing is a good thought-exercise.

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