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I’m always trying to impress upon people that more than anything else, their sites need content. It’s fun and sexy to harp on visual and design things, but at the end of the day, people won’t use your pages because they look nice. They use them because they contain some information the reader wants, be it text, images, or a neato flash game (my best distance is 321,492 feet. Deal with it).

Boagworld has a post that reinforces this nicely, putting emphasis on having a good copywriter:

Copywriters also tend to know how to spell and, vitally, how to use grammar properly. If you’re a designer and you doodled through English lessons at school, you should do all you can to catch up on your grammar and spelling. A miss-placed apostrophe or hyphen could change the entire meaning of your piece. At which point you’ve failed as a designer.

Content Is King [Boagworld]

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