January 2010 Archives

Ever wonder what’s going on inside your architect-friends’ heads? My brother the architect (I KNOW, Mom, but computers are the future! Stop judging me!), sent me this video. I’m pretty sure it’s an accurate depiction of what’s looping through most architect-y peoples brain at any given moment.

Keep in mind that this thing is completely computer generated. That’s right, textures have moved on to some seriously next-level stuff. Also remember to full-screen the video for maximum awesomeness.


Watching Holmes On Homes is a great way to get your head right for programming.

I’m not even really talking about the software craftsmanship angle, though it is related. I’m talking about the attitude that Mike Holmes brings to his contracting projects. It can be summed up as:

  • Do it right
  • Doing it right isn’t that much harder than doing it wrong
  • Doing it wrong is evil

Watch an episode or two. You’ll see what I mean. Whenver I feel myself start to whine “Ugh…I really should refactor this, but it’s a freaking BEAST”, I imagine Mike coming by later and talking shit about what crappy code I wrote.