Hilarious Description of Twisted

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I was poking through my reading list, and found this gem. It’s Ted Dziuba’s description of Twisted, and I almost wet myself when I read it.

However, Twisted is probably the douchiest programming library out there. Every time I open up that code, I feel like I’ve wandered into a late-night bar on the Jersey Shore where everybody’s drinking Jager-bombs, and nobody is wearing a shirt. Twisted is a cool network library, but not cool enough to be named “Twisted”. It’s the Python programmer’s version of Ed Hardy clothing and a baseball cap with the tag still hanging off the side. When I’m digging around in this code and my co-workers ask me what’s up, the only appropriate response is “NOT NOW CHIEF. I’M STARTIN’ THE FUCKIN’ REACTOR.”

You can read his whole post on Twisted and Tornado to get a bit more context, but that part cracked me up.

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