Write Code. Not Too Much. Lots of Tests.

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In his New York Times essay “Unhappy Meals”, Michael Pollan outlines a manifesto for eating right: Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

I’ve gone and adapted it to building software:

Write Code. Not Too Much. Lots of Tests.

Write Code

You need to keep up to date with building software. That means participating in the act of coding. If you’re an architect, senior engineer, or development manager, you’ve got to do it.

Not Too Much

This is the essence of lean development. Only build what is needed. Cruft and verbosity are evil.

Lots of Tests

Testing is the key to quality software. If you aren’t writing tests, your’e doing it wrong.

This is a simplification, but a useful one. If you’re lost, overwhelmed, or pissed off, try reciting this a few times (when nobody’s looking). You might feel better.

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