I Resolve...

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My nerd/software-engineering resolutions for 2009:

  • Contribute Something

    I’m always using freely available software and packages, but rarely contributing back. I may not have the chops to build anything really new and kick-ass, but maybe I can help with test coverage or something.
  • Talk Less and Do More

    I really need to practice what I preach all the time. Hopefully this will also make people like me more.
  • Post Regularly

    I really need to get a posting schedule and stick to it. Maybe twice a week, minimum?
  • Build a Portfolio

    both of sites I’ve created, AND code I’ve written.
  • Improve My Estimating

    Estimating can always be improved. I think keeping some detailed logs of where I spend my time will help.
  • Get Familiar With Flash and Flex

    Much as I often badmouth it, Flash is a web reality, and isn’t going away soon. Time to stop complaining and start learning.

So there they are. Feel free to call me out on them over the next twelve months.

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