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I'm Going to CodeMash 2009

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I’ll be attending CodeMash in Sandusky OH Jan 7-9. Holler at me if you’re going, and we can grab a beer. They will have beer, right?…

Baby Steps With nose's --stop Option

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Sometimes (when you aren’t really doing true TDD), you make a change that breaks a lot of tests. When this happens, nose’s output can be long and gross, especially if your tests use print statements to help debugging.

In this case, you really want to just fix the errors one at a time. Its handy to use the —stop (or -x) option of nosetests, which makes the run stop at the first sign of trouble.

This makes it easier to read the output and helps morale, since you can tackle one failure at a time.

There’s value in presenting a crude first cut of a design. It keeps the customer focused on the essence of the problem, and not the incidentals (“hey! I think I might want a blue dropshadow!”).

I might be late on this, but Balsamiq Mockups is the perfect tool for making rough comps for a user interface.


I haven’t pulled the trigger on the pay version yet, but just playing with it is fun. If your freehand art is too crappy to show to others, and you don’t want to present a perfectly polished page for initial reviews, this is a nice tool to have in your utility belt.