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Uninstall IE 8

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I finally got fed up at work with the Internet Explorer 8 Beta. Luckily, its easy to uninstall (unlike prior versions).

It shows up as ‘Windows Internet Explorer” in the Add/Remove Programs section of the Control Panel. You can nuke it from there.

Any Good Generic Burn-Down Tools?

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Does anyone know of a burn down tool suitable for generic task-tracking (that doesn’t require a network admin to install)?

My brother works for an architecture firm, and from time to time has dipped into the development world for tools that make work easier. He’s especially enjoyed using issue trackers like Mantis to track all the little items that crop up when constructing a building.

He’s heard me extolling the virtues of the burn-down chart, and wants to give it a shot. 

The only ones I know of are either tricky to install and run, like XPlanner, or are big, pricey software engineering packages. 

Any suggestions?
I’m fighting back against Whiteboard Terrorists.

Whiteboard Terrorists fill shared whiteboards with notes and diagrams, then write “DO NOT ERASE” somewhere conspicuous just before leaving conference room. 

“Do Not Erase” is shorthand for “I’m too lazy to take notes and can’t be bothered to stick around to write them down or take a picture so I’m going to neutralize this otherwise useful surface for everyone else in the universe until I feel like erasing it.”

Sometimes the terrorists sign and date their message, possibly using the name of a high-ranking office member. This is to inspire fear, and fear is the fuel of terrorism.

I intend to fight this the only way possible, without reservation and without mercy. From now on, when I see “Do Not Erase” on a whiteboard, I’m going to erase the whole thing. I’ll erase it even if I don’t really need the space. We must set the precedent that we do not negotiate with workspace terrorists, and any attempt to take a whiteboard hostage will be met with swift, decisive action.