Huge Programmer Ranking Table Lacks Heart

| Comments has a ginormous competency matrix for programmers. It lists out four “levels”, like “2^n” and “log(n)” (yes, that’s math in the column headings), along with umpteen facets of programmer skills.

All I could think of when browsing this behemoth chart is the beginning of Dead Poets Society. The class reads a poetry introduction explaining that a poem’s greatness is measured by finding the area within a chart plotted on perfection and importance.

I’m positive there’s a log(n) programmer out there that nobody wants to work with. I’m also sure there’s a dude or girl who knows a single language (kinda) but makes money for their business because of their passion and dedication.

We’re people. Judging someone with even moderate input from a chart is chancy at best.

I humbly submit a few extra categories for consideration:

  1. Passion
  2. Getting Along With Others
  3. Telling Good Jokes
PS - if you ever see me moping around complaining about only being an n^2, please hit me over the head with a steel folding chair.

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