Yahoo! Gives A Sneak Peek of BrowserPlus

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I have a healthy respect for what the folks at Yahoo! have been up to . Projects like Pipes and YUI show they’re committed to not being followers or Google wannabe’s.

So I was happy to see the Yahoo! Developer Network Blog announce a sneak preview of BrowserPlus, their new-fangled platform for squeezing even more out of the humble web client.

I tinkered around with some of the demos, and was impressed with the snazz factor. The installation, however, is still probably too much for the casual web user. My dad unplugs his cable modem after every use. I seriously doubt he’s going to be cool with a site calling for an installation of C++ 2005.

Paranoia aside, I’m excited that people are still trying hard to find new an better ways to get more out of the web. I’ll see if I have some time this week and follow up with a more thorough review.

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