SimpleViewer Wrocks for Building Galleries

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I’ve done a pair of sites [1,2] using SimpleViewer, a sweet Flash thingy that makes great looking galleries. It’s a wonderful example of how a product can market itself. There are a lot of configurations, but the default setup is perfect for 99% of what people need in a gallery. They also have scripts for crunching thumbs from your images. After that, you just point SimpleViewer at your image directory, and you’ve got a slick gallery. Basically, an image folder + SimpleViewer equals sweetness.

 It’s way better to have a product that comes out of the box ready to go, rather than one with all kinds of neato features, but that you need to configure from the ground up.

I used the pro version for one of the sites, so I could resize the thumbs and play with positioning. Even the ActionScript config is well-documented and easy to use.

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