Hey Hey, Comments Work Now!

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Cobbler’s children have no shoes, and Code Softly is no exceptions. Comments here have been broken. You’d think that given the number of Movable Type sites I’ve rigged and maintain (Coolfer, Information Leafblower, and others), that I’d have the hang of things. But of course that’s not the case.

It turns out that Movable Type likes to keep all cgi script references relative to where the MT install is, and not where the published pages are. So, the comment links in the CS subdomain were pointing to nothing.

I thought about doing some mod_rewrite magic, but that stuff looks too much like regular expressions for my taste (I distrust anything with more punctuation than letters), so I just copied the whole cgi directory from my aaronoliver.com web root over to the subdomain, and poof, problem solved. I ..er.. rule.

Comment away, friends.

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